Peace and understanding through travel and hosting

Welcome to Servas Australia

Travelling with Servas

Are you full of questions when you visit a new place or another country but not sure where to find the answers?
Perhaps you want to have a more fulfilling connection with the people who live there, and find out for yourself the inside story on the places you visit?.

Servas can open doors for travellers who want to connect with the world on another level. There are more than 15,000 Servas hosts in more than 100 countries who would love to open their homes to travellers.

Servas travellers usually stay with a host for two days and share their everyday lives.
The travellers and their hosts can find time to talk things over – fascinated to explore differences and excited to see what is the same for us all.

Servas travellers come from all walks of life and all ages. They may already have travelled widely or be starting out on their first contacts with other cultures and countries. What they have in common is a wide-ranging curiosity and an open-minded approach to other cultures, and a commitment to promoting peace through friendship and shared experience.

Servas is a special way of seeing the world as a place where there are no strangers.
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Travelling safely

When you’re travelling independently you want to enjoy your trip, but you also need to think about travelling safely.

Servas aims to make sure that your Servas visit goes well, and so it's policy is to interview hosts as well as travellers before they join. As Servas is based on trust between the host and the traveller, this interview is an important safeguard to ensure that new members – hosts and travellers – are responsible and open-minded, and that they fully accept the aims of Servas.