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A message from our president, Derek Curnow, 26/4/2020


Members will no doubt have seen unsettling reports of racist responses that have erupted in parts of the Australian community.
In this commonwealth of ours, the board and membership of Servas Australia strongly desire both to distance ourselves from such appalling behaviour and to affirm our belief in the humanity of all people. Peace amongst the people of all lands was the primary aim of the founders of our organisation; it has remained at the very forefront of our continuing efforts and aims.

We encourage you to be active in your efforts to overwhelm the troubling antics of the vocal minority seeking to disrupt the community at a most challenging time? You can do so by maintaining your own commitment to peace, and by expressing that commitment in speaking up for humanity. Write letters to newspapers, text or tweet your messages of hope and reconciliation to the media. Let it be known that Servas is an agency of peace in our land and beyond.

Please read and heed this message from the Australian Government.

Derek Curnow