Peace and understanding through travel and hosting

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Hosting with Servas

Hosting with Servas is a great way to travel the world without leaving home. Meeting people from other countries and discovering how the world looks through their eyes can be enlightening, exciting and fun. Whether your aim is to make new friends, let your children meet people from different cultures or contribute to the peace movement, Servas can add a special new dimension to life.

Servas has developed a worldwide hospitality network of more than 15000 families and individuals in more than 100 countries on five continents. Servas hosts are united by their desire to offer opportunities for goodwill visits, allowing for deeper, more personal contacts between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds from around the globe.

Servas hosts welcoming travellers share their daily lives with them. Servas travellers usually stay with a host for two days. Over a friendly meal or a coffee, there is time to take understanding to another level, by exchanging ideas on all kinds of topics.