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About Servas Australia

Help build world peace, goodwill and understanding

  • Servas Australia Inc. is an incorporated Association and is affiliated with Servas International, a non-profit, worldwide, cooperative, cultural exchange network bringing people together to build understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, and world peace. It promotes world peace by encouraging individual person-to-person contacts.

  • Founded in 1949 by a young American, Bob Luitweiler, as a peace movement, who, with his friends and fellow-students, set up a network of people at the grass-roots level.
    They had in common a desire for world peace, built on a better understanding and tolerance between peoples.

  • Besides being non-profit, Servas is an international, non-political, non-religious, inter-ethnic co-operative system of hosts and travellers.
    It was established to help build world peace, goodwill and understanding by promoting opportunities for deeper, personal contacts among people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
    Visitors are invited to experience and share the home and community life their hosts, share their social and international concerns and interests, and become more aware of our mutual responsibility to make a better world.

  • Servas is dedicated to the understanding of perceived differences, mutual tolerance, and universal peace.
    Servas is committed to the belief that people can be bound in the spirit of love and reverence for life, to social responsibility, and to the recognition of human rights everywhere.

  • Servas means “to serve”, in the sense of “serve peace”, in the Esperanto language.